ANGIOPLASTY SUMMIT TCTAP 2013, April 23-26, Seoul, Korea
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International Symposium of Aldosterone and Related Substances in Hypertension 2013, April 27-28, Sendai
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International Society for Stem Cell Research(ISSCR) 11th Annual Meeting, June 12-15, Boston
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EHRA EUROPACE 2013, June 23-26, Athens, Greece
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18th Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy, June 28-30, Roma, Italy
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4th DIA Cardiac Safety Workshop in Japan, July 11-12, Tokyo
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Gordon Reseach Conferences, Biology of Aging, August 11-16, Lucca, Italy
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Cold spring harbor laboratory meeting. Regulatory and non-coding RNA, August 13-17, NY
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2013年欧州心臓学会議 (ESC 2013), August 31-September 4, Amsterdam, Netherland
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The 6th Asia-Pacific Heart Rhythm Society (APHRS) Scientific Session, October 3-6th, Hong Kong, China
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Venice Arrhythmias 2013, October 27-29, Venice, Italy
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平成25年度新学術領域「転写代謝システム」第5回総括班会議 国際シンポジウム“International Symposium on Transcription and Metabolism”, November 11-13, 淡路
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American Heart Association Annual Scientific Sessions 2013, November 16-22, Dallas
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The 7th Cachexia conference, December 9-11, Kobe
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American Society for Cell Biology(ASCB), December 14-18, New Orleans
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The Leipzig Interventional Course(LINC) 2014, January 28-31, Leipzig
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The American College of Cardiology(ACC) 63rd Annual Scientific Session, March 29-31, Washington, D.C.
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