The 2nd SEOUL Conference on Cardiovascular Research, 2.3-4, Seoul, Korea

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The 55th Annual Scientific Session of the American College of Cardiology 2006, 3.11-14, Atlanta, USA

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KCS/JCS Joint Symposium: Heart Failure, 4.14, Jeju, Koreafont

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Angioplasty Summit 2006、4.26-28、Korea

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Heart Rhythm 2006, 5.18, Boston, USA

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Polyphenols for human health; 5.25, Phuket, Tailand

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The 9th International Heart Failure Summit: From Pathophysiology to Clinical Practice, 6.14-16, Toronto, Canada

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XIV International Symposium on Atherosclerosis, 6.18-22, Rome, Italy

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20th IUBMB International Congress of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and 11th FAOBMB Congress, 6.18-23, Kyoto

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The 4th European Meeting on Elastin, 7.9-12, Lyon, France

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2nd World Congress 2006 International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences, 7.14-16, Sapporo

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World Congress of Cardiology 2006, 9.2-6, Barcelona, Spain

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2006 European Society of Cardiology annual scientific session, 9.2- 6, Barcelona, Spain

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The 36th Annual Convention & Scientific Session, 9.16-17, Taipei, Taiwan

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The 11th La Jolla-Capri-Yamaguchi-Seoul Research Conference, 10.6-8, Hagi

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Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics 2006, 10.22-27,Washington DC, USA

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17th Great Wall, International Congress of Cardiology ACC Symposium: Cardiology Update 2006, 11.2-5, Beijing, China

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The 2nd China-Japan Cardiovascular Forum, 11.4, Beijing, China

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28th World Congress of Internal Medicine, 11.10-13,Taipei, Taiwan

  1. Kita T: Program Session: Hyperlipidemia and Cardiovascular Disease:Clinical in IT Era Topic: The Controversy of Triglyceride and Atherosclerosis

Joint AHA/APSC Congestive Heart Failure East vs West. Scientific Sessions 2006, American Heart Association, 11.14, Chicago, USA

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The American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2006, 11.13-16, Chicago,USA

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Genzyme corporation 招聘講演、2.27, Framingham, USA.

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